2 Dec 2015


Tomorrow is a different day for the people from here. 3rd December is the day of our language.
We celebrate it every year. The truth is that if we celebrate it we celebrate it in the collage. It is not a celebration that everybody do.

Our language is an old language, and the thing that is happening is that people it uses it less. So to have the same power that it had before, we prepare some activities to do.

The truth is that I use it just in the school, but I would like to use it more. Now the most of the people speak Spanish, and that is one of reasons that I don't use it usually. Another reason is that our parents or much of our parents don't know that language, so we can not speak it at home. Although the teenagers know it, we don't use it, and that is a great pity.


So yes... tomorrow,here, we are going to celebrate our day.

All the love,
nameless xx.

(You can write in the comments down below from where are you, and if you celebrate something special)

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