5 Nov 2015

The new me

I have always been a person with fear. That fear that is always inside you. Only for the reason of people what think of you. I have been one of that people that it is always in their world, only you with your own. The first thing that I want to say about this is... that the feeling that you have when you are like that is HORRIBLE.

Lately I was thinking about it, and do you know what I thought? That it is ridiculous. Why I should have this fear? I haven't got to have it. I'm a person of this world, and I can be as I want. If I want to go dancing down the street, I do. If I want one day go badly dressed, I go. AND IF I WOULD LIKE TO GO NAKED FOR THE STREET, I WOULD GO BECAUSE NO ONE SHOULD TELL ME ANYTHING.

After this I have clear what I have to do from now on. I will do what I want. Clearly respecting people, but I will do that things that before I was scared to do.  Everything what the people say to me, will enter the ear and will go out for the other one. I'm going to be a new girl, a new me.

So take my advice, do not let that the dreams or aims that you have be destroyed by people who do not have to influence in your life. You mustn't be afraid of nothing, you can with everything what takes revenge you above.

All the love,
nameless xx.

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