15 Nov 2015

"Happy" Birthday!

Hey grandma:
Today is your day. I would love to be with you this day, but I couldn't because you left us a month ago.

    You had been months and months ill. Those months I was visiting you and taking care of you. Over time, you started to lose your mind, and that was hard for everyone of us and for you,too. In September, you were very bad, and I remenber that mum told me that you were worse and that surely you would not improve.

     Two days before you went away, I went to visit you; without knowing that it was going to be the last time that was going to see you. The day came, and I can say that it was the worse day of my life.

     So yes, today is your birthday, and maybe you are not here, but the truth is that I'm happy because you were strong. I'm missing you a lot grandma.


All the love, (today especially to grandma)
nameless xx.

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