17 Nov 2015


Feel is one of the things that we do constantly. It is something esential in our lives. One day you can feel very well, but maybe another day you feel very bad.

Today I was thinking about it; all that you can feel in a day, and the feelings that you feel without realizing. Where feelings have come out? Why depends on the moment that you're, you feel one thing or another?

Now, at this precise moment I'm feeling a lot of feelings:
- I'm happy
-I'm nervous
-I'm sad
-I'm confused
-I'm excited
-I'm angry

Too feelings inside of me, and until I haven't thought about it I didn't know how I was.

Mull and think: How do you feel today?
If you need to open yourselves and talk about how you feel, write it on the comments, that's why I'm here.

All the love,
nameless xx.

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