21 Nov 2015

Boys, Love

This days I have been talking with one of my classmates about his life and his loves (he's only my friend). Talking about his love I realized that today all the guys of my own age are equal.

In love they only see one thing: the physical body. I'm tired because they believe that the perfect girl is a girl who has a great ass, big tits and a perfect body. It doesn't matter if that girl is silly or if she doesn't have brain, the important thing for them is if that girl is like a model; and that is not love.

If you are in love with someone is because that person for you is special, but especially inside. Ok, I understand that maybe the person has to be a lovely face to attract you, but it's supposed to that you are in love with the person not with the body of him/her.

My friend is like the other boys. For him the most important thing is the body. What I said to him to make him realize was:

Do you know when are you in love with someone? You know that you are in love when you only want to be with her. When the most important thing for you is see that she's happy, because if she is happy you are happy, and if she is sad you do everything possible to see her smiling. You are in love when everytime you see her you feel nervous or you feel butterflies in your stomach. She is always going to be there for you, and you are always going to be there for her, but you have to realize that. If you are sad, who will be there is her, her with her personality not her body, not her ass. So you'll know what you do.

I know that this is because the age, and when they mature they'll realize.

(This is my opinion, is what I think. I don't want to offend anyone)

All the love,
nameless xx.

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