21 Aug 2015

My life

I would like to share with all of you something that is personal to me, but I need help.

Months ago, I started having nightmares. Nightmares that they scared me. Since that nightmares I could hardly be fine. I was not fine. I didn't get out with friends, I used to be with neutral face and I didn't talk. I only wanted to be alone. I started unable to sleep, and everything scared me. I became more insecure.

One day, when I was in class, I started to cry. I needed that. I was saving that for weeks and I couldn't more. I was in the music classroom and I was sitting with two of my friends so they were worried. I told them everything about my nightmares, about how I felt, about my insecures and everything.

That day, after that class, I went to  the office of the "psychologist". She tried to help me but my thoughts were the same. She told me that I had to talk with my parents about that. After the conversation I went home and I talked with my parents.

The weeks spented and I was better. I started dating with my friends again, I tried to change my mind, and the nightmares were disappearing.

Now I'm fine. I'm so grateful because in that moments people that I loved were there with me. I'm still insecure, but I'm better so... EVERYTHING IS OKAY! With this what I wanted to say is that don't stay in the dark side. You have to thing that it is only a bad stage and that you are going to overcome it. If I have could, each of you can.

After this, I want to know if you have spend for something like this or if you just you are not feeling good and you want to be supported... i'm here for you.

All the love,
nameless xx


  1. wow amazing blog post ( as always) had a good read !!
    I just love your blog !!!

    I would love your thoughts on my new video


    have a wonderful day


  2. challenges are there to make you stronger and also enable you to help others, like you are doing now,,,, good luck